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Help us to serve you better – your help in the following areas will go a long way to allowing us to clean your home with the quality of service you expect from Handmaids House Cleaning. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding the services you are receiving. Remember, we appreciate and encourage your comments. Thank you for helping us serve you better.
Personal Items
Please have clothes, toys, and dishes stored prior to your scheduled appointment, as we do not know where to put them. Also, our work will be more efficient if these things are out of the way.
Please pick up after your pet(s); we do not require our cleaners to do so.
Cleaning Products
When and if you would like us to use any of your own cleaning products, please leave them, with special instructions (if needed), where we can easily find them.
Changes in Normal Procedure
We are more than willing to provide "extras" for our clients. However, please notify our office in advance so we can allow for any extra cleaning time needed. Please keep in mind that additional services may require an additional charge.
Schedule Changes
We prefer to keep our clients on a regular-schedule basis, but we realize that sometimes our clients may find it necessary to add, change, or skip a cleaning. It helps us tremendously to have as much advance notice as you can give us to allow us time to make the necessary scheduling arrangements. We reserve the right to apply an additional fee in the event that cancellations occur within 24 hours of a scheduled cleaning. Also, added or skipped cleanings may also require an adjustment to your regular price.
We accept checks or cash as payment for services. We expect payment at the completion of the cleaning, unless prior billing or pre-pay arrangements have been made. There will be a service charge on all returned checks.
Thank You / Comment Cards
Please fill out your comment card and leave it on the kitchen counter the day of your next cleaning. We greatly appreciate your remarks. We cannot sell perfection, so if something was missed, please jot it down on your card for the next cleaning. It is very important to us to know how you feel about our efforts and what we can do to further meet your needs.
We have had customers call in and ask about leaving a tip for the cleaners. This is something left to your own discretion. Tips are greatly appreciated and may be included in the check or cash you leave for the cleaners.
How To Clean Your House Just Like A Professional House Cleaner
Do you cringe every time the doorbell rings because of the way that your house looks? There are simple, easy, and free cleaning tips that will help you to keep your home clean and tidy no matter how little time you have to dedicate to it. The key is to use your creativity and imagination to create small moments of time for you to pick up and clean your home. You do not have to have two hours a day to keep your home clean. With a few minutes and a family "team," you can keep your home guest ready all the time!
Keeping Your Home Clean And Visitor Ready
The best free advice that I have ever heard is to take a timer and spend five minutes in each room. This means that you and your family work together in that room for five minutes. When the time goes off, then you move to another room. The room will not be clean the first time, but after two or three days, you will find that it is clean and tidy after five minutes. The great thing is that if you do this daily, then there will not be an opportunity for days and days of clutter to pile up, which is what makes your home dirty and messy. Take your cleaning products with you to each room so you do not have to waste time hunting for them. Make a basket or bucket of cleaning supplies to carry around the house. In this way, you do not have to look all over the house for that elusive cleaning tool that you need. All of your cleaning supplies will be in one place and they will be right with you. No more wasting time! Gather up your favorite cleaning supplies and tools, put them in a basket or bucket, and start your five-minute trip through the house!
Cleaning Stop One: Kitchen
This is not the time to be washing dishes. There is no way you can clean and wash dishes in five minutes. If you have dirty dishes, they should be washed at least daily, if not more often. Before you start your five-minute cleaning sweep, you need to wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher. Then start your timer. Clean the countertops of things that don't belong. Wipe your countertops. Sweep the floor. Dust, mop or use a swifter on the floor. Now, the first time that you try this, you may not be able to get all of this done in five minutes, but after a few sweeps through the kitchen, then you should be able to.
Cleaning Stop Two: Bathroom
Do not forget to bring your cleaning bucket in here! Spray the shower / tub with cleaning solution. Swish the toilet. Wipe down the countertops, the sink, and the top of the toilet. Turn on the water in the shower / tub to rinse out the cleaning solution. Take dirty clothes to the laundry room. Sweep the bathroom. Dust, mop or swifter the floor. This room is one that will get easier and easier if you do it everyday. On some days, you may not have to do all of the steps, depending upon how messy your family is and how much time you need to free up. The key is to train them to pick up after themselves (easier said than done).
Window Screen Cleaning Tips
Most people no longer bother with removing window screens in the fall and storing them all winter. Consequently, blustery fall and spring winds and rain deposit lots of dirt that plug the screens and make them unattractive to look through. Cleaning them is not the hassle you may think! Probably the worst part is removing the screens from the window frame, that's why people leave them up year round! Organize the screens by size – if they are small enough, they will fit easily in the tub or shower. Larger screens may be left outside, leaned up against a sawhorse or exterior wall close to a garden hose for rinsing. Mix a simple cleaning solution of three parts water to one part ammonia.
Before applying the cleaning solution, wet the screen thoroughly with water. Then dip a scrub brush into the solution and apply to the screen using a very light scrubbing motion. Be sure you don't scrub too hard or push the fabric, which can stretch or cause damage to the screen. Lightly brush the solution over the entire screen using overlapping, rotating strokes. You may want to then rinse the screen, looking for missed or stubborn spots. Re-treat those areas and then rinse thoroughly again with the hose or shower head making sure all cleaning solution is removed.
Shaking the screen and giving them a light tap against the ground or wall should remove most of the excess water. You may also give a quick wipe with an absorbent towel to speed up the drying process. Replacing the screens as soon as they are dry makes short work of what could be a time consuming chore. Looking through clean screens is a real pleasure!
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